'Facts of Life' Star Lisa Whelchel Regrets Not Dating George Clooney

Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel had no idea George Clooney was going to grow up to become the hunk 'o' man he did, and we can't blame her. As everyone's favorite '80s TV snob, Blair Warner spent nine years playing the girl who got every guy she wanted. But, in real life, she never snagged Clooney and has some interesting things to say about him. You may remember he was a star on the sitcom in its later years -- remember when the girls all lived above and worked at a store and Mrs. Garrett's sister (played by Cloris Leachman) took over for the show's matriarch?

Yeah, they weren't my favorite episodes, either, but I might have felt differently if I were working with George ...


The 51-year-old actress, who is starring in a new Hallmark Channel movie called For Better or For Worse, spoke with US Weekly about her days on one of the most loved '80s sitcoms. She said Clooney was in his twenties, gawky, but a lot of fun. She also admitted that he has aged really well (amen to that) and that he was kind of like a big brother in those days.

And then she says the greatest thing: "I don't know, maybe I was just not smart, or not thinking ahead, because I did not anticipate what he would grow into. I think if I had, I would've worn makeup to rehearsal a little bit more often."

Ha! So true! I was a little girl when the show came out and I loved watching the "big girls" go to high school and deal with all of their problems. I loved Blair and her infamous hair flip and the fact that she perfected the best b---h face long before that phrase meant anything. But I was so not a fan of their more adult years and Clooney was simply hogging up precious screen time that could have been used to show another amazing Jo/Blair dispute.

Oh, what fools we were.

Don't miss Blair -- I mean, Whelchel -- singing the theme song from Facts of Life and showing us she still has the best hair on TV.

Which Facts of Life episodes were your favorites?


Image via Lisa Whelchel/Instagram

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