Khloe Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors Are Heating Up for a Good Reason

Khloe Kardashian

Pregnancy rumors are definitely not new territory for her, but according to a new report in Life & Style, Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with French Montana's baby -- and is even seeing Kourtney Kardashian's OB/GYN.

Supposedly on July 3, the doc showed up at their rental home in the Hamptons to examine Kourt, but then he/she also saw Khloe, which must mean her dream of becoming a mom is finally going to come true, right? Why else would she meet with an OB/GYN if she doesn't need prenantal care?


On the one hand, it's no secret that Khloe has wanted a baby for quite some time. It really wouldn't be a huge shocker if she turned up preggo now that she seems so happy and in love with French.

But then again, the source who claims that Kourt's OB/GYN stopped by the house could be making a mountain out of a molehill. I mean, Kourtney is pregnant and she and Khloe are living together this summer. Just because her doc made a house call doesn't necessarily mean both of them had appointments.

For her sake, let's hope these rumors do prove to be true; otherwise, they could wind up causing her a lot more heartache than anyone deserves. Speculation over when she and Lamar Odom would finally have a baby was something Khloe could never escape, which had to be tough given the fertility issues she's had. I'm sure she's desperately hoping she never has to go through something like that again -- especially if there is not one single shred of truth to the possibility of her and French wanting a child together.

But how awesome would it be if Khloe really is expecting? What could be better than two Kardashian sisters being pregnant at the same time -- other than Kim winding up with a bun in the oven as well? (OMG!)

Do you think Khloe is pregnant?


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