Dean McDermott Says Cheating Made His Marriage to Tori Spelling 'Stronger'

Tori Spelling

Can cheating make your marriage stronger? To hear Dean McDermott tell it, it can. Dean sat down with Giuliana Rancic and proclaimed that his marriage to Tori Spelling is "stronger than it's ever been." I guess it had nowhere to go but up?


Dean says the pair, who spilled all of their marriage hysteria on their reality show True Tori, are still working very hard on their relationship.

"I'm working on becoming the Dad and husband that I've always wanted to be and that they deserve," he says. "I'm really changing."

Well, let's hope that's true. If it is, then you have to give the man some kudos. Plenty of guys would just rather continue drinking and screwing around than manning up to his responsibilities. The question is whether he can make these changes last.

Asked why he and Tori decided to go through with filming their baggage for the world, Dean says, "It was totally Tori's idea, and she told me she'd leave me if I didn't go along with it." JOKE!!! Of course he didn't say that (though he should have, ha). What he actually said:

It was an opportunity for us to tell our side of the story -- and to help others who are struggling with infidelities, and alcohol issues, and depression. There's help out there for you. And infidelity doesn't mean that's it, the relationship's over ... If that love is still there, love can conquer all.

This is where my opinion becomes divided. On the one hand, I think far too many women (and men) suffer in relationships that are doomed on the off-chance that maybe some miracle will happen and the spouse who is mentally or physically abusive will change. Far too many women (and men) have their self-esteem stripped from them, and their emotional and physical health ruined, before they are willing to call it quits on something that is simply not working. Every day I read about women who gave their man "one more chance" and then pay for it with their lives.

On the other hand, people are infallible, weak, and often driven by subconscious forces and addictions they can barely control. If the person is working hard at changing, and you have already invested your life in him or her, then it might be worth a shot to hang in there. At least Dean seems to be admitting he cheated because of his "issues" and isn't trying to blame it on Tori anymore, like he did during the show.

"Love can conquer all" is a double-edged message -- beautiful ... but also potentially dangerous.

Anyway, let's just hope Dean doesn't want to make his marriage to Tori superduper strong by cheating yet again.

Do you think love conquers all?


Image via ToriandDean/Instagram

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