Proof Sonja Morgan's Relationship With Harry Dubin Is Totally Fake

ramona and sonja Newsflash -- that glitzy rock Harry Dubin pawned off as a token of his esteem (because this is the 18th century) to Sonja "Commando" Morgan? Totally a setup. That's right, everyone take to your fainting couch because I'm dropping a bomb that will destroy reality TV as you know it. Harry and Sonja aren't pre-engaged. They aren't even together! The whole ring deal on the show? It was planned, and Sonja wasn't the mastermind either! So who was? RAMONA SINGER, BUT OF COURSE. 

Apparently the ring Dubs gave to Sonja wasn't even one he bought himself. We know it wasn't one of Sonja's jewels, as she hoards those in her post-divorce days like Gollum did the one true ring. So who does the ring belong to? Apparently it was the property of Ramona's mother-in-law! Sticking it to TV viewers AND her ex's mom? Check and check. 


While I totally understand that being on one of these shows means delivering drama and maintaining an interesting story-line for the camera, this move of Sonja and Ramona's leaves me scratching my head. I mean, Sonja wasn't in any danger of her losing her job, right? She is such a character, what with her fake teeth, her dilapidated home, her penchant for much, much, much younger men. That is all stuff that makes for pretty damn compelling television.

Sure, Dubin used to be with Aviva Drescher, so I guess, drama there? But only if Aviva was still holding a torch for HDubs (God, I love this man's name), and she's made it abundantly clear that she's not doing that in the least. Sonja should trust her own instincts and keep being her fabulous self. There's enough fakery on reality TV as it is. Ramona should butt out of it and let Sonja keep being her cougar-ish self; she don't need a steady man! Especially not Harry who is quickly becoming the Slade Smiley of this franchise. 

Why do you think Ramona thought this was a good idea?


Image via BravoTV

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