Kendra Wilkinson Might Be Too 'Humiliated' to Stay in Her Marriage

Kendra WilkinsonIs Kendra Wilkinson itching to give Hank Baskett his permanent walking papers? Following rumors that Hank hooked up with a transsexual model while Kendra was bursting at the seams with their second child, Kendra kicked Hank out of the house (temporarily, according to some reports), stopped wearing her wedding band (which she may or may not have tossed down the toilet), and has generally gone utterly silent on the subject of her marriage. Or on any subject really -- her Twitter account remains eerily stuck on June 21, before the scandal broke. Now a new report has it that Kendra is "leaning towards divorce."


A source told US Weekly:

She’s hurt by Hank and doesn’t think their marriage can recover. [She] doesn’t know how therapy will change that.

She's also reportedly "humiliated" and "feels like such a fool" for running around acting like their marriage was perfect.

She also supposedly "cries every day" but hasn't kicked out Hank permanently because she's "recovering" from her delivery and needs Hank to help out with the children.

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Yikes, what a terrible position to be in. Not only just giving birth and not being able to truly celebrate the new life in your home -- but needing to rely on the one person you really just want to punch in the face and kick to the curb.

Since Kendra and Hank haven't responded to these cheating rumors, we still don't know exactly what happened -- if anything. Guess we'll all have to wait for the premiere of Kendra on Top.

It's sad that the title of the show is now sort of ironic and would better be called Kendra Hits Bottom.

Do you think she should just throw in the towel and divorce him?

Image via KendraWilkinson/Instagram

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