Kim Kardashian's Latest Racy Throwback Pic Isn't Fooling Anyone (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

If there is one phrase that perfectly describes and does justice to Kim Kardashian's boobs, it's "They're a force to be reckoned with ..." for sure. I mean, they really are just as famous in their own right as Kim is overall, to the point where they're becoming more noteworthy than her rear end.

But considering how often we see them these days, it's not like we need any sort of reminder as to how fabulous they are. And that's why this throwback photo Kim shared from a trip to Paris has us scratching our heads and saying, "Whaaaa?"


Get a load of these babies.

Kim Kardashian

I know. Va-va-va-VOOM!

She captioned the shot with, "Happy Birthday to my cousin @cicibussey !!! I will never forget this trip to Paris! You're our link to my dad's side of the family and I will never forget all of the family stories & history you share with us constantly! I love you so much chonch!"

Ok, so the birthday message is sweet and all, but do you honestly believe her intention in posting this particular photo was to send well wishes to her cousin? Certainly she could've chosen one where her breasts weren't the main focus, which is why this shot seems like another attempt to fish for compliments.

It's almost as if she's saying, "Happy Birthday cuz ... now check out my bangin' boobs everyone!"

We get it, Kim. Your breasts are amazeballs -- and exactly everyone knows it. If only you realized just how great you look, you probably wouldn't feel the need to show them off again and again and again ... you catch my drift.

Do you think Kim shared this photo merely as a birthday wish?


Images via PacificCoastNews; kimkardashian/Instagram

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