Kim Kardashian May Have Photoshopped This 'Skinny' Pic of Herself

kim kardashianEarlier this week, Kim Kardashian posted a "throwback Thursday" photo of herself to Instagram, where, shocker, she looked absolutely stunning. It isn't out of the ordinary for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to post a picture, recent or otherwise, of herself to social media -- in fact, it would be weird if she didn't -- but this particular photo, from 2010, made headlines because Kim captioned the shot with "#SkinnyDays #OntheTreadmillRightNOW" as if she's a gigantic whale of a woman these days. Think what you want of Kim, but there's no denying she's a beautiful woman and she certainly doesn't need to lose any weight.


The plot has thickened, though. People are now accusing Kim of Photoshopping her "skinny" pic. Radar Online actually has an unsettingly in-depth look at the original photo compared with the one Kim recently posted. And, never mind the fact that I'm somewhat embarrassed that I actually took the time to go through the photos, Kim definitely made some changes to the pic.

For one, Kim removed the back zipper from the dress in her throwback photo ... why? Two, she, as Radar noted, gave herself a glow, probably via a filter -- not really a big deal; we all do. But three, it does look like Kim may have made herself "thinner" in the second photo, which is incredibly weird since she looks amazing in the first. Who would ever look at the original pic and think, "You know what? I could afford to lose some weight here"? Sheer madness.

It would be pretty disappointing if Kim doctored up an old photo of herself to make it appear that she's even more "perfect-looking" than she already is. For one, it shows that she really does have completely unrealistic standards for her appearance, and two, hasn't she been vocal about being against Photoshopping her photos in the past?

Hmm ...

Do you think Kim changed her own picture?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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