Britney Spears Skips Out on Her Restaurant Bill for the Weirdest Reason

restaurant billWell I never -- who does this?!? Witnesses say Britney Spears dined and dashed at Cheesecake Factory in Thousand Oaks, California. She ordered a salad and appetizer with her boyfriend, David Lucato, and then she waltzed on out with a doggie bag, leaving behind an unpaid $30 bill. Celebrity discount? How cheesy!

But hold your judgy horses there, everyone. Britney's rep gave TMZ a perfectly good excuse, and it's one we can all relate to.


Britney told her waitress her security guy would handle the check. But he did not because he thought Britney already had. It was all just a big misunderstanding. The important thing is that Britney feels "horrible" about the incident and fully intended to cover her bill, one way or another.

Okay, maybe we can't all relate to having a security guy following us around, paying for us. But we've all dined out in groups, right? And sometimes things get a little muddled when it comes time to take care of the bill. So it's perfectly reasonable for a person to make a mistake like this if there are multiple parties who could be responsible for the check.

Now -- what to do if you do accidentally dine and dash? Pay up as soon as you realize, of course. But I also think you should apologize and then leave an extra tip. Hopefully that's what Britney did.

Now that we've squared that away, can we please talk about 1) ordering a salad at Cheesecake Factory and 2) millionaires who get doggie bags?

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At first I kind of felt sorry for Britney, going to one of the most calorically decadent restaurants in the country only to order a salad. But you know what? Even a salad there can be highly indulgent -- I mean, the caesar salad has a whopping 1,280 calories! Whoa. If I were trying to eat healthy (as I assume she's doing), I think I'd probably steer clear of the CF and go someplace that serves, you know, salad salads. And doesn't fill my nostrils with the smell of cheesyfriedstarchy decadence. But maybe there's something special about those salads I just don't know about.

And then, as TMZ so aptly puts it, Britney is "worth north of $50 million and she took the salad home in a doggie bag." Trashy or wise? Maybe I'll step aside and let y'all debate that one.

Have you ever accidentally dined and dashed? What did you do?


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