Jillian Michaels Reveals the Terrible Reason She Really Left 'The Biggest Loser'

jillian michaelsWhen you think of The Biggest Loser, a few things come to mind. Grueling workouts, of course. But even more than that, you think about the now iconic trainers on the show: Sweet as pie Bob Harper and tough as nails Jillian Michaels. Sadly, the latter has chosen to leave the show for good. In a new interview with People, she reveals the shocking and very personal reasons why.


She's opening up about the decision because she doesn't want fans to have a misconception about why she refuses to return to the series she has been a part of for 10 years.

I don't want fans to think I feel like I'm too big for the show or that I'm seeking greener pastures. I'm so grateful to the show and so sad to leave.

Quite the contrary. Sadly, she felt as though the show that works so tirelessly to improve the lives of its contestants was tearing her own life apart. She and the producers had disagreements about how she was portrayed. "In the beginning of the show, it was tough love," she told People. "You saw the tough, and you saw the love," she says. That has changed over the years and now she just seems, well, mean. "You saw none of the relationships, none of the bonds that I build with my clients."

As a result, she says people have a warped perception of her and it's affecting her personal life. Strangers even question what type of mother she can possibly be given how she acts on TV. And in one instance, someone told her 4-year-old daughter Lukensia, "I know who your mom is -- she's a cheater. I saw it on TV."

It's surprising to hear that such a positive show could have such a toxic effect on the personal lives of its stars. After learning this, who can blame Michaels for leaving? This is a problem that many reality stars endure -- albeit they are usually on the more superficial shows like the Real Housewives franchise or Real World. But I am sure producers feel this is a necessary evil. Having a bad guy brings the drama and the drama brings in ratings.

Are you surprised that this happened to Jillian?


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