Maksim Chmerkovskiy Wishes He Was Ryan Gosling

maksimIt's hard to believe that Maksim Chmerkovskiy, brooding Dancing With the Stars professional, wants to be anyone but Maksim Chmerkovskiy. He seems to have it all. He dated Kate Upton! And that chemistry and sweetness he had with Meryl Davis is the kind of stuff of a lifetime. But it seems Maks doesn't really want to be Maks sometimes. Maks wants to be Ryan Gosling. Hey girl ... don't we all.

Maks has made some comments that really has me scratching my head. He was referencing Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' relationship and that gorgeous baby gestating in Eva's womb, and he called it "amazing," "brilliant," and that he envied them. Maks wants Ryan's life. Of course this could only mean one thing.


Maks wants Meryl. It just has to be. I'm not saying that Maks is to Ryan as Meryl is to Eva. But I do think Meryl's got that quiet, under-the-radar thing that Eva seems to have. We know about Eva, but she's not someone in the tabloids all the time. She isn't a flashy celebrity type. That's what Maks wants. This makes it even more clear that Jennifer Lopez and Maks are definitely not together. No way. It's Meryl! Please let it be Meryl.

Not only do I think this is a sign that Maks wants to be with Meryl and that he loves her to infinity and beyond, I think he also wants to have a baby. Of course. He told the Daily News how hard it is to have a relationship while under the Hollywood spotlight and admitted that you need to have more than love to make it work. He said:

Look at Eva and Ryan having a baby. I think their relationship is amazing, because it’s so quiet and nobody knows anything about it. And so those two people are professional, they’re amazing at what they do, and they’re strong enough to be able to keep it to themselves. That’s brilliant. I envy them and I look up to couples like this.

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Oh Maks. Meryl really did do something to you, didn't she? Isn't he so much softer and full of love now? More than love -- that's what he and Meryl have. That's the part of Ryan Gosling he wants to be. The Ryan Gosling in a relationship. The Ryan Gosling in love. The Ryan Gosling having a baby. Please?

What do you think? Do you think this statement is Maks being slick and admitting something else?


Image via maksimc/Instagram

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