Watch Joe Manganiello Teach Conan O'Brien How to Strip -- It's AMAZING (VIDEO)

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There are some moments in television history that are truly special. Among them? The Sopranos finale, the "Who Shot J.R." cliffhanger, and now Joe Manganiello's TV appearance with Conan O'Brien. No joke. The True Blood star showed the funnyman some incredibly amazing stripper moves. It's too awesome to miss.


Of course Conan wants to chat about his Magic Mike role as Big Dick Richie. (If you haven't seen the movie, it's a 'Ladies' Night In' must-see. You will quickly realize how his character got that name.) In addition to sharing a sexy dance lesson, Manganiello also bestows the host with his own stripper name, which is, appropriately enough, Big Red. Take a look.


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This proves what we diehard Joe M fans have known all along -- this man is incredibly talented. Sure, most of those talents are defined by those arms, those abs, and other notable body parts. But don't you adore how easygoing and lighthearted he is about everyone's fascination with the campy role? He is clearly as nice as he is hot. And with the news that a Magic Mike sequel in the works, fans have even more reason to be excited.

Based on the moves above, think there is any chance Conan will nab a cameo in Magic Mike 2?


Image via Conan

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