Billy Joel's Mom Dies & Ex-Wife Christie Brinkley Does Classiest Thing Ever

Billy JoelBilly Joel's mama was obviously special to him, so it's probably with a very heavy heart that he said goodbye to her on Sunday, July 13. Rosalind Nyman Joel was 92, so it's not like she didn't live a long and full life, but it's still never easy to let go of someone close to you.

Roz, as she was affectionately known, was apparently very well loved by her family. She was the inspiration behind Joel's song "Rosalinda's Eyes" from the 1978 album 52nd Street, and she obviously roused tender feelings in her former daughter-in-law Christie Brinkley too. Soon after the public announcement of Rosalind's passing, the model took to Instagram to post a special tribute.


She posted the picture of Roz as a young woman that her ex-husband had used alongside her obituary on his website and added her own heartfelt words to express how much love she had for this woman.

"At sad times we look for ways to find the good to lift our spirits, so I have only to imagine what Rosalinda's Eyes have seen to find cause to celebrate a life well lived," she wrote.

Knowing a mother's joy herself, as mom to Rosalind's granddaughter Alexa Ray Joel, she went on, "Just in this year alone she saw her son, Billy Joel receive the Kennedy Center Honor, the highest cultural honor possible, from the President of the United States no less, and Rosalind greatly appreciated the Arts!"

"She also saw her son get a regular gig at Madison Square Garden, where he already holds a record and where Roz is welcomed on a first name basis," the accolades continued. "And her eyes sparkled with pride and joy as the former Gilbert and Sullivan chorus girl watched her granddaughter Alexa perform at the famed Cafe Carlyle surrounded by a large group of her friends enjoying themselves."

"I know as a mom myself that when you see your kids happy healthy and enjoying their passions you feel content and happy," she added. "Rosalinda's Eyes will live on not only in the song inspired by her, but in Billy, and Alexa ... and Nanny Roz herself would find that worth celebrating. @alexarayjoel #cherishedgrandmother #restinpeace"

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What an awesome ex-wife. There was absolutely no reason she had to do anything like this to respect and honor her former mother-in-law, but she wanted to spread the news that this was one awesome, loving lady and help keep her memory alive.

Granted it's been a long time since their divorce (the couple was married from 1985 to 1994), but the pain of ending a marriage sometimes causes family bonds to break irrevocably -- especially between an ex-mother- and daughter-in-law.

It's lovely to see a family in show business actually show appreciation for one another.

Do you think this is a touching tribute?


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