Kristen Stewart & Anne Hathaway Dress in Drag for Jenny Lewis Video (WATCH)

jenny lewisWe're used to seeing Kristen Stewart in guyswear, but this takes it to a whole 'nother level. In a video for Jenny Lewis' new song, "Just One of the Guys," actresses Stewart, Anne Hathaway, and Brie Larson dress up in drag. All three beautiful women are total dudes, with mustaches and baseball caps and poses -- yo, that's what makes a guy a guy, right? No?

Well, we think you'll have to see how they look and judge for yourself. Are KStew, Anne, and Brie too pretty and feminine to be one of the guys?


kristen stewart one of the guys

Love Kristen's Bieber hair, so that's a plus. And there's something weirdly fitting about her with a mustache. Does it maybe look almost too good on her? Something to think about ...

anne hathawa one of the guys

Tears, people. Hathaway produced tears for this video. OKAY ANNE, YOU WIN, YOU'RE THE BEST ACTRESS EVER. But your features are still way too delicate and feminine to pull off this guy look. By the way, is that a rat's tail we spy back there?!?

brie larson one of the guys

That's scary -- Brie looks just like my ex-brother-in-law circa 1980.

We're used to seeing men in drag. But women dressed like men is a little unusual -- except how many of us have female friends who cross-dress every day? I know I do. As I was watching this, I kept wondering if they would roll their eyes at the actresses' lame attempts at going butch.

Anyway, the meta-question is, of course, what makes a guy a guy? Can you pretend to be one, just for a day? Or will your life experience/DNA betray you every time? And what about women who grow mustaches but feel feminine anyway? Just a few essay prompts for your gender studies homework this afternoon.

At any rate, you have to see this video if for no other reason than to see Anne Hathaway attempt breakdancing. I think she needs more practice.

What do you think of these actresses' drag look?


Images via Jenny Lewis/YouTube

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