Duggars vs. Kardashians: Which Reality TV Family Reigns Supreme?

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There may be no two reality TV families more polarizing (or famous) than the Kardashians and the Duggars. Come on, one family is obsessed with the letter "K" and the other's obsessed with the letter "J", that has to mean something, right? Well, though the huge broods may split the public's opinion down the middle, there's no doubt that each also has their extremely die-hard, loyal fans as well.

So the question remains: Which family is more powerful? Popular? Rich? Isn't that all we care about here in America?

Let's take a very quick look at some of the numbers then. What else do you have to do with your time? Don't you care about comparing these two families who got famous for no discernible talent? We sure do!


1.) Families: The Duggars, with all their kids and kids' spouses and kids' kids, come in at 26. The Kardashians are at 16. Team Duggar (and Michelle's womb) FTW.

2.) Social media: Okay, okay, there's no doubt about it, Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Social Media. With 16,000,000 followers on Instagram and 22.1 million followers on Twitter (wow), there's just no comparison.

The Duggar fam (@duggarfam) on Instagram, however, has 184,000 followers. Their Twitter has 43.5K. It's not like the Duggars are showing off lots of T&A on a daily basis, a la Kim, so these numbers do sadly make sense. Isn't that what everyone wants to see on Instagram and Twitter anyway?

3.) Net worth: According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Jim Bob Duggar is worth $3.5 million. Not too shabby! And they are debt-free with 19 kids, so that says a heck of a lot. Kim, on the other hand, is worth $65 million. Trust Advisor says the Kardashians' collective net worth is at around $80 million. How anyone can calculate this is beyond me, but clearly the Kardashians have the ka$h rolling in. They win this round.

4.) Ratings: Keeping Up With the Kardashians' flailing ratings have made headlines recently. Kim and Kanye's wedding was watched by  4.1 million people, but the latest episodes are drawing in just two million

On the other hand, 19 Kids & Counting delivered the best ratings ever for the show this spring. Apparently over 2.8 million folks in a key demographic tuned in to see Derick Dillard return home from Nepal to see Jill Duggar. Yay Duggars!

5.) Matriarchs: How can you even begin to compare Kris Jenner and Michelle Duggar? At least we can agree that they have both produced some beautiful kids. And don't mind using them to get famous.

Michelle is very religious, can breed with seemingly superhuman powers, is a penny pincher, homeschool teacher, and is still trying for more kids. Kris will do anything she can to thrust her kids into the spotlight, but her family does owe a lot of their riches and fame to her. But Kris is also known more for her crazy, attention-grabbing antics than Michelle, so in a generic, all-American, best-for-humanity sense, it's safe to say Michelle comes out as the more "powerful" mom. At least a better one.

Looks like the Duggars win a super-tight, rather pointless, completely made up race, 3-2. Hand-holding and bread baking all around!

Gun to head, would you rather watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians or 19 Kids & Counting?


Images via TLC & E!

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