Kate Middleton Accused of Squandering Tax Payer Money With Pricey Hobby

Kate Middleton just can’t catch a break these days as she’s not only being labeled as “dull” for her old-fashioned and stereotypical ways, but now she’s being criticized for being a “high-end trophy wife” in the making, too.

Apparently, Middleton’s critics are none too happy about the way she’s been wasting British tax money on over-the-top expenses that will blow your mind away.


The Duchess reportedly took a $2,700 two-week cooking course with a British celebrity chef that she barely attended. What’s worse, it was a course that taught some pretty basic stuff like deboning chickens, sauce-making, and cooking soufflés. 

Middleton took the class with British chef Rachel Khoo, who recently opened up about having Middleton in her class earlier this year.

Kate was in my class. Kate was ill for a few days, so I took notes for her. She was a lovely person, but she kept herself to herself.

While I’m sure there are a lot of people who are going to raise some eyebrows about this and how Middleton is wasting the British tax payers' dime, I can’t help but feel a little sympathy for her. Surely she wants to do the regular, general stuff that non-celebrities get to partake in. The only problem with the Duchess, though, is that while she has every right to vacation and go shopping daily, she should be spending a few hours a week doing something more productive like charity work as well.

If she was working a solid schedule and taking a cooking class, then this would be a non-issue. Unfortunately though, she’s living life as a bored, pampered trophy wife while contributing very little to society. I hate to say this, but Middleton is living the life of a Real Housewife ... in London.

Do you think Kate Middleton is wasting tax payer money or is she entitled to do so as a Duchess? 

Image via WPA Pool/The Duchess of Cambridge Visits the National Maritime Museum/Getty Images

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