Selena Gomez Responds Perfectly to Hater Who Wished Cancer on Her

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is fighting back against a hater with some pretty strong words. After the young woman posted on one of Selena's Instagram photos that she should "burn in hell with cancer," Selena decided not to take the usual ignore-the-hater route.


She wrote back:

Despite the reply being about as nice as can be -- certainly nicer than I would have been -- some fans actually accused her of "bullying" the younger girl by calling her out in front of her 10.8 million followers.

Au contraire, Selena was about as nice as a person can possibly be to a total asshat like that. Youth is no excuse for saying something so stupid and hurtful.

Back before social media, kids would say something out-of-line and a teacher, parent, or mentor might tell them why it was wrong. More often these days, the teacher, parent, or mentor is either scared to say something (lest they get sued) or just doesn't bother. Or doesn't even know what the kid is up to online. So it's fallen to others online to call the youngster out on bad behavior.

If I were this young girl's mother and realized what she said to Selena, I would ground her from social media for life. (Her account has reportedly been deactivated, so it's possible this happened.)

On the other hand, celebs can't go around disciplining other people's children. It's not their responsibility. But taking one to task every once in awhile and publicly shaming them isn't a bad idea. Young people need to learn what is unacceptable!

As for the accusation that Selena is a "bully," that is most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. This word is becoming sorely overused. Standing up for yourself is not bullying.

Now if only Selena would stay away from you-know-who (rhymes with Bustin' Cleaver).

Do you think Selena had the right to say anything?


Image via SelenaGomez/Instagram

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