Prince William Was Too Bald for 'Vanity Fair' Cover (PHOTO)

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince George

D'oh! What is it with the royals and all of their unfortunate photo scandals? No body parts were exposed this time, but Vanity Fair is being accused of giving Prince William more hair in their latest cover photo, you know -- because his bald spot is a bit unsightly or whatever.

At first glance of the cover, nothing really seems amiss about the royal family's appearance. But if you compare it to the original photo of Wills, Kate Middleton, and Prince George, it's totally obvious that he managed to magically receive a hair transplant overnight.

Have a looksie and judge for yourself.


Prince William Kate Middleton Prince George

Hmm. Yeah. Wills definitely has more hair in the cover shot. There's no denying it.

But duh, of course Vanity Fair is insisting they did nothing of the sort. One of their reps told the Daily News, "We did not Photoshop the cover to make Prince William appear to have more hair. We gave the image a poster-like palette. We added some shadow to Prince William to make the white type more legible, and to place more emphasis on Prince George."

Huh. Ok. I'll buy the "poster-like palette" thing, but it really does appear as though they filled in the top of his head.

But honestly, given that this is a cover photo and the fact that Vanity Fair is kind of all over the place, something tells me Wills isn't too bent out of shape about his coif looking a little bit thicker. He might be royalty, but that doesn't mean he isn't just as self-conscious as the next dude about his hair being more on the thin side.

Do you think Vanity Fair airbrushed their August cover?


Images via James Whatling/Splash News; Vanity Fair

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