Long-Lost Video of Kanye West Shows Why Kim Kardashian Married Him (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianDespite Kanye West's fame, riches, and talent, sometimes you gotta wonder why Kim married the guy. For starters, he always seems angry. He's definitely a megalomaniac and control freak. And besides their love of fashion, it doesn't seem like they have much in common. BUT! That said, maybe there's a side to Kanye the public rarely gets to see -- but that Kim sees all the time? Judging by this long-lost video of Kanye made before he started dating Kim -- he seems like, well, a cool dude!


Old video surfaced of Kanye filming a reality show pilot for a guy who billed himself as the "ultimate travel agent to the stars" -- whatever that means exactly.

I'm not sure who thought this might be an exciting reality show (check out the travel agent as he makes, erm, travel plans!), but there is a cute bit where Kanye, who apparently makes use of said travel agent, schools him on how to make a proper travel itinerary -- and it has nothing to do with a layover in Frankfurt!

He confesses that he goes out of his way to avoid airports -- good thinking, since they have caused him some legal trouble in the past -- because the people in them annoy him. He describes one person coming up to him and asking if he's Kanye West. When he replies in the affirmative, the person hisses, "Liar!"

But the shocking part of the vid is how relaxed, funny, and happy he seems to be. He's actually smiling quite a lot. And he hadn't become Mr. Kardashian yet. Hmmm. Did Kim make him so angry? Just kidding. We know he was born that way.

Anyway, this is probably the Kanye West that Kimmy fell in love with -- because surely it can't be that guy who interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs or the one who launches into 20 minute tirades at his concerts or the one who totally took over the wedding and then forced sun-loving Kim to honeymoon in rainy Ireland. Just sayin'.

Does this show you a new side to Kanye?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram


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