Kate Middleton's Best Friend Claims the Duchess Is Pregnant Again

Kate Middleton might want to be careful with everything she tells her BFFs these days. It looks as though her best friend -- er, whistle blower -- has let the cat out of the bag with some major news that will rock the royal family. We can’t help but wonder, though, what Middleton has to say about her bestie spilling all the details about her private life to the media AGAIN.


Apparently, Middleton’s friend Jessica Hay has spilled the beans that Prince William and the Duchess are expecting their second child together. Hay was also the first person to announce the news when Middleton was pregnant with her first child back in 2012 weeks before the royal confirmation came.

This time around though Hay confirmed the news to Australia’s New Day by telling the mag:

Kate’s inner circle are buzzing with the news that she is pregnant. I’ve heard it from several different friends of theirs now and they’re saying that they think there’s going to be an official announcement in weeks.

First off, if this is true, it’s absolutely great that Kate Middleton is pregnant, as her two children are going to grow up close in age. But second, WTF is up with her friend? It’s like one of your own close friends sharing your pregnancy news on their Facebook feed before you do.

There’s a very good chance that Middleton might be pregnant -- there’s been a lot of buzz about it for weeks now -- but the Duchess really needs to be careful with who she shares her pregnancy news with in her inner circle before making that Earth-shattering royal confirmation to the media. Hay sounds like she has a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease; she’s been blabbing about Middleton’s personal life to the British tabloids for years now.

With that being said, it’s about time Middleton unfriended Hay both on Facebook and IRL. No one needs a friend with loose lips, especially one that reveals everything about your personal life to the media.

In the meantime though, let’s start that second round of the royal baby bump watch ... bring it on!

Do you think Kate Middleton is indeed pregnant with her second child?

Image via i-Images/PacificCoastNews

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