Kim Kardashian's Ex Gets Married & Her Step-Brother Was There

Remember when Kim Kardashian was dating Reggie Bush? The extremely handsome running back and Kim dated for three years, broke up, and then rekindled things in 2011. Obviously, it didn't last. Reggie went on to fall in love with another beauty who looks a bit like Kim. Lilit Avagyan is a dancer and she and Bush revealed they were expecting a baby late in 2012 ... just before Kim got pregnant.

Rumors flew that Kim was jealous and just a short time later, Kim was pregnant with Kanye's baby! And now Reggie just got married, too. What the heck is going on here?


I can't help but wonder about this. Maybe some friendly ex competition going on? Or maybe they were both just ready to do all these life changing things just not with each other. It was just a little over a month ago that we dished about Kim and Kanye's wedding, and now Reggie follows and tied the knot with his lady love. And Brody Jenner was there!

Brody is Kim's step-brother, and clearly one of Reggie's good friends. See? I love how Hollywood is all twisted and connected and they figure out ways to overcome and be friends even if a situation could be awkward. Celebrities! They are really just like us.

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Lilit (love that name!) looked stunning. If I squinted my eyes, I see a whole lot of Kardashian in her. I'm not going to pick on Reggie for having a type. A gorgeous type. Love is love is love is love. The coincidences (?) though must be noted. Congrats to the couple! I wonder if Kim had a million questions for Brody about the wedding. Or maybe it's a subject they vowed to never discuss.

What do you think of these life changing coincidences with Kim and her ex?


Image via Brody Jenner/Instagram

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