Gisele Bundchen's Throwback Picture Proves She Was Born to be a Supermodel (PHOTO)

Gisele BundchenGisele Bundchen never went through an awkward phase. The supermodel and supermom posted a throwback pic to her Instagram page of herself at 12-years-old with some friends dressed for a dance recital. Already, her supergenes were apparent, and in fact, it would only be two years later, at 14, that she would be discovered in a McDonald's by a modeling scout.


Gisele captioned the pic, which was taken in 1992:

Ready to the show ... How about the hairdo?? hahahaha #tbt #1992 #greatmemories

That's Gisele there second from the left, in case you are confused.

And, wow, wouldn't you know it. Plenty of people are aghast at the "scantily-clad" tweens -- but that's because Americans see sex in everything. Gisele grew up in Brazil, and they're a little less -- no make it a lot less -- hysterical about the human anatomy.

Besides, I totally remember wearing a dance recital outfit back in the day that was pretty close to this one and it was considered standard. What a second Victorian Era we've gotten ourselves into. Lighten up, people.

You can tell that Gisele was made for modeling -- check out those long gangly legs, and she's already towering over most of her friends (that might be her sister on the far right).

But Gisele said modeling didn't come easy to her -- in fact, she would get rejected early on because her nose was too big. Rumors has it that she had a nose job, but if so, it was an extremely delicate job but her nose looks the same here.

I think her hair looks good -- maybe she should try bangs again. Cute!

What do you think?


Image via giseleofficial/Instagram

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