Kim Kardashian Gives Pregnant Women Horrible Advice

We all know Kim Kardashian did NOT enjoy pregnancy. She gained about 60 pounds and pretty much compares the challenge of shedding her post-pregnancy weight to training to climb Mount Kiliminjaro. Girlfriend suffered. We get it.

But Kim is taking her anti-pregnancy stance to an extreme. Despite the fact that Kourtney is pregnant with baby number 3 and is being spotted all over the Hamptons looking fierce, Kim has some advice for expecting women everywhere: and it isn't something her sister would want to hear.


The 33-year-old told Elle magazine that she recommends hiding out for a year and having absolutely no pregnancy style. She went on to say that if you can, hide. Just lock yourself in your house and never come out.

Obviously, her words are tongue in cheek and kind of funny, considering how often Kim was spotted out and about while pregnant with North. She also didn't shy away from wearing extremely trendy -- even sexy -- clothing and she paid the price for it in tabloids, many of which criticized her for gaining weight.

While I can understand how her negative pregnant experience as someone in the public eye left a really bad taste in her mouth, I wish, wish, wish Kim could take a different approach and give the middle finger to all of those awful people who ridiculed her body. Instead of advising women to stay indoors and "wear a huge blanket," she should let women know they neeedn't feel bullied by others and shouldn't feel ashamed of their bodies during those 9 months.

If anything, Kourtney is living proof that pregnancy can be gorgeous.

What do you think of Kim's advice to pregnant women? Did you keep up with your style while pregnant or did you want to hide away?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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