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11 Things Kate Middleton Clearly Learned from Princess Diana

Celebrities Kiri Blakeley Jul 11, 2014

Kate Middleton

Ever since Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, people have been comparing her to Princess Diana, the favorite People's Princess. Of course, no one can compare to Diana, but Kate is a popular royal in her own right, each day earning more respect and fans. While Kate and Diana have some stark differences -- they also have some major similarities. So much so that it appears obvious that Kate is quietly behind the scenes studying Diana's ways. 

Or maybe not so quietly, as rumor has it that not only did the royal family show Kate video tapes of Diana that she could learn from, but Diana herself left behind audio tapes for William's future bride. So sweet!

Even years following her death, Diana is still with all of us today, but mostly her family. Her legacy will live on in her memory and in those she left behind. We know that Kate would have had so much more to learn from Diana if she were still alive, but the princess already had such a lasting impact, that we are able to see bits of her in Kate today. 

When you're new to the whole royal thing, it's natural to need a little guidance. But Kate has been part of the royal family for many years now, and we are still seeing influences from Diana in her daily life. Here are 11 things Kate clearly learned from Princess Diana.

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1Make a Happy Marriage

Reportedly, Diana left secret audio tapes for William and his future bride before she died. She wanted to give them advice on love and marriage and being in the royal family. Rumor has it that Diana told Kate (though she didn't know Kate at the time!) to "work on your marriage" since it's so hard to have a good one in the royal family. She said she wished them "free from the dark shadow divorce casts." Clearly, Kate works at her marriage -- the pair even took a baby-free vacation to the Maldives when George was 8-months-old.

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3Keeping Her Legs Together

Reportedly when the royal family knew that Kate would soon be joining them, she was shown videotapes of Diana so that Kate could learn deportment -- such as keeping her legs together when she got out of a car.

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4Good Works for Children in Need

Diana was famous for good works around the globe, especially with children, AIDS, and landmine charities. Kate is continuing that tradition, and her charitable works have focused heavily on children as well.

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5Take a Scandal in Stride

When Diana became engaged to the Prince, she caused a scandal by posing in a dress that became see-through when the sun shone through it. Kate was photographed topless while sunbathing. Both of them didn't let it detract them from remain classy and dedicated to their titles.

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6Hands On Parenting

Diana was considered a maverick in the royal family because of her hands-on parenting style. She also wanted her kids to be "down to Earth" and realize that while they might be privileged, the rest of the world didn't live like them. You can definitely already see Kate bringing up George in a similar fashion.

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7Breastfeeding Mama!

Diana was reportedly the first royal to breastfeed her own children (really??!!) and although Kate never came out and said if she breastfed or not, it was assumed she did, since she was photographed in dresses made specifically to make breastfeeding easier. Sources have also claimed she breastfed.

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8Prince George's Nanny

Kate tried so hard to emulate Diana's parenting style, that she and Wills hired his nanny, Jessie Webb, to take care of George. The same woman Diana hired! It didn't work out -- Jessie eventually quit, realizing she was a tad too old to be a nanny second time around -- but, hey, it's the thought that counts.

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9Traveling with Baby

Kate took Prince George on tour to Australia and New Zealand, just as Diana once took Prince William to the same places, at about the same age. But the jetting life is a little easier now.


Rising to Royalty

Although Princess Diana grew up in a noble family, she was still just a fairly normal English woman. Kate Middleton was even more of a commoner, and was born into no nobility at all. But now, she's our beloved Duchess of Cambridge, and we feel so lucky to have her. 

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