‘Game of Thrones’ Earns 19 Emmy Nominations -- 19 Reasons Why (GIFS)

game of thrones season 4

The 2014 Emmy nominations are in! And wouldn't you believe it -- Game of Thrones season 4 leads the pack with a whopping 19. Which is fantastic! Okay, okay, so all the shows up for best Drama Series, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men, and True Detective, were awesome in their own right, but Thrones was simply at another level compared to the rest of them. Granted, Breaking Bad's last season was also incredible, as was the first spectacular season of TD, so it could be anyone's guess as to which show wins the really big prize -- but it's still nice to see GoT racking up so many noms.

Fargo comes in second with 18 nominations, and American Horror Story: Coven has 17. The AIDS drama The Normal Heart received 16, as did Breaking Bad, yay! Some pretty great television from the past year, eh?

But Game of Thrones reigns supreme at 19. Let's take a look at 19 reasons why in a tribute to season 4.


There are some pretty MAJOR SPOILERS for GoT season 4. Though it's a damn shame if you haven't watched by now.

So go away and feel badly about everything you're missing.

Spoilers spoilers spoilers ahead.

Okay, ready? Here we go.

1. Remember in the season premiere, "Two Swords," when it looked like Tywin Lannister was completely untouchable after the Red Wedding? Remaking Eddard Stark's sword into swords for his own son and grandson? Little did he know:

two swords

2. Pretty much anything the Hound said before he got into that big fight with Brienne:

the hound

fuck the king

the hound

3. Joffrey DYING(!!!!):

joffrey dying

joffrey dying

4. The introduction of this beautiful man, Oberyn Martell:

oberyn martell

5. Jaime waving his fake hand:

jaime waving hand

6. Tyrion dancing at his trial. And of course the badass speech from the TV version:

tyrion dancing

7. Daenerys Targaryen with her dragons in happier times:

daenerys targaryen

8. The Red Viper announcing this:

oberyn martell

9. When Stannis Baratheon took out the wildlings in this amazing, sweeping shot:

stannis wildlings

10. Daario reminding everyone he's a badass even though he was recast:


11. Ser Pounce!

ser pounce

12. Podrick being Podrick and teaming up with Brienne:

podrick payne

13. When Tyrion does this to his father. Happy Father's Day, Tywin:

tyrion kills tywin

14. This obviously was quite sad, but Ygritte saying her last "You know nothing, Jon Snow" had to be included:

ygritte jon snow

ygritte jon snow

jon snow ygritte

15. Petyr Baelish shoving Lysa Arryn out the Moon Door:

petyr baelish

16. Daario and Dany finally getting it on:

daario daenerys

17. Sansa smacks Robin. I couldn't find a "Dark Sansa" GIF:

sansa smacks robin

18. This fight between the Mountain and the Red Viper was amazing. Even though it ended really, really badly.

mountain red viper fight

19. And in the final shot, Arya heading to places unknown:

arya stark

arya stark

Do you think Game of Thrones deserved 19 Emmy nominations? Which show is going to win the top prize?


Image via HBO

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