Halle Berry & Jimmy Fallon Form Human Wheel That's Too Bizarre to Miss (VIDEO)

halle berry, jimmy fallon

I think it's fair to say that Halle Berry is a very talented woman. Most notably, she can take on an array of different characters -- from crack addict to debutante. However, what she did on last night's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon left millions of viewers shocked, amazed, and dumbfounded. I can't believe Fallon got the Oscar winner to do this -- and in a slinky dress, no less. Take a look.


On the show to promote her new TV series Extant, Berry took a break to roll on the floor with Fallon -- literally. The duo formed a human wheel of sorts and then somersaulted across the studio. Yes, it sounds weird, I know. And it's a must-see.

I am still marveling over the fact that she did this in that outfit. She's more ballsy than I thought. It's nice to see A-list actors like that let their hair down and do something so seemingly out of character. 

Were you impressed by the acrobatics?


Image via Tonight Show

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