The Real Reason Kate Middleton’s Nanny Couldn’t Work With the Family Anymore

Kate Middleton, Prince GeorgeCan you believe that Prince George is almost one already? Yup, the adorable royal tyke will celebrate the big 0-1 on July 22, and we're sure there won't be any fanfare whatsoever. Haaa! Just kidding. It's not everyday a baby prince turns a whole year old.

You know who might be celebrating the impending end of his infancy the most though? His mom, the gorgeous Kate Middleton. Palace insiders recently dished that George Alexander Louis wasn't exactly the easiest of babies. In fact, he was so difficult that his nanny apparently had to quit.


Vanity Fair contributor Katie Nicholl covered the royal family for the August 2014 edition, and what she found out is very interesting indeed.

"Kate expressed relief that George behaved well during his first few public appearances," Nicholl revealed. "…For the first few months the prince cried loudly and frequently, and he was not sleeping through the night. Nanny Jessie Webb tried hard to get him into a routine, but the baby prince, who was still breastfeeding, was permanently hungry," and it was "only in the new year when Kate introduced solids, that George finally slept through the night."

Dude, that's six months of not sleeping through the night. That's rough.

Remember that Webb was once William and Harry's nanny, and she came out of retirement to lend her child-minding skills to th next generation. Apparently the little fuss bucket was too much, and she had to hand the reigns over to Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo before the famed Australia/New Zealand tour.

"She spent a week bonding with George at Kate's family home in March under the watchful eyes of the Middleton grandparents, while Will and Kate jetted off to the Maldives for a second honeymoon," VF noted. "Her credentials include experience in self-defense, high-speed driving, and dealing with paparazzi."

So basically Maria is the James Bond of nannies. I think high-speed driving is a skill I'd like to add to my own resume, not necessarily because I want to be a royal care-taker, but just because it sounds cool.

Anyway, I guess we know the truth of it now, and I gotta say -- I can totally relate to the Duchess on the pains of raising a fussy baby who can never seem to get enough to eat. Not even royals get to escape the downside of parenting.

Do you think Prince George was really that fussy of a baby, or was Kate just overly protective of him?


Image via Vanity Fair

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