'Bachelor' Star Jamie Otis Marries a Complete Stranger

Jamie OtisWhat ... the ... hell? If you haven't heard by now, there's a new reality show Married at First Sight, which has couples, well ... getting married at first sight. It sounds like a total train-wreck of a show, which obviously means I'll be glued to the television. But I especially can't wait to tune in because I'll be seeing a familiar face.

You remember Bachelor star Jamie Otis, right? The crazy girl from Ben Flajnik's season who tried to give him awkward kissing lessons? Yeah, her. Well, she got married, you guys. To a complete stranger. On TV.

That's her in the photo above right before meeting her husband. You know what they say, there's nothing like a good bathroom selfie before tying the knot to a random dude you've never met.


I'd like to be the first person to say WTF? I expected to see some weirdos on this show, but Jamie really seemed like a sweet girl just looking for love. She shared the good (?) news on Twitter and it has me questioning her motives behind all of this.

She tweeted, "Cat is out of the bag! I'm married! Excited to share my journey with you all July 8th! #FYI #MarriedAtFirstSight"

LOL, you know she's a Bachelor star when she uses the word "journey." And also, is that a marriage announcement or a reality show plug? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out she wants to become relevant again. But I mean, come on ... couldn't she have done something a little less embarrassing, like sign up for another season of The Bachelor?

Do you think Jamie is crazy for marrying a man she just met?

Image via jamienotis/Instagram

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