Kate Middleton Is a Little Too Interested In Prince Harry’s Love Life

, prince harry, kate middleton, prince williamWhile we always knew that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were rather close and chummy together, we didn’t think she’d be crossing the line with her brother-in-law LIKE THIS.


According to new reports, Middleton seems obsessed with Prince Harry’s love life so much so that she’s made it her mission to see him settled down with a woman he might or might not be in love with. 

And you just won’t believe who Middleton has been secretly talking to behind Prince Harry’s back, either.

Apparently, the Duchess wants Prince Harry to get back together with his ex, Cressida Bonas despite the fact that the two broke up earlier this year. She’s even been giving her “royal advice” on how to win Harry back by dressing proactively while "pub crawling" with male friends. A source tells British magazine Now:

“Kate has taken Cress under her wing and showed her the royal ropes. They really bonded and Kate was quite upset when she and Harry split as it reminded her of when she separated from William in 2007.”

“Back then, when she realized she wanted him back Kate slipped into her slinkiest outfits, went to William’s favorite night spots, got seen with other guys – and did everything she could to make her ex realize what he was missing. Now Cress is using the same tactic.”

I mean, if there’s anyone who could write an instruction manual on “How to Snag a Prince,” it would be Kate Middleton, right? Unfortunately for her though, she was ridiculed and mocked by the British press and even nicknamed “Waity Katie” for years while she was waiting for Prince William to propose to her. I mean, no woman - including Cressida Bonas - wants to look like she’s desperate to get married, right?

Unlike his brother, Prince Harry is in no hurry to get married or produce any royal heirs to the throne anytime soon. He’s obviously loving his life as a single man. If he wants to get back with Bonas, he doesn’t need his sister-in-law to meddle with his affairs. I’m sure plenty of his female fans from around the world would agree that the right woman will be there for him eventually. Plus, I don't think I've ever met a person with a pulse who hasn't agreed that Prince Harry is HOT. 

Do you think Kate Middleton should be playing Prince Harry’s royal matchmaker?

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