Kate Middleton Receives Harsh Criticism From the Queen

kate middletonDealing with your in-laws is never easy, so imagine how it would feel to be criticized by one who also happens to be the Queen of England, too.

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth is slamming Kate Middleton for her “excessive overspending” on the renovations of her countryside estate in Norfolk, England. Right, because the Royal Family has never wasted a dollar (or in their case, a pound) on excessive and luxurious personal items they never use, huh?


Queen Elizabeth is allegedly upset with the Duchess for spending almost a million dollars on renovations at her 10-bedroom Anmer Hall house that she plans on turning into her family home. It looks like the Queen, though, would prefer her grandson’s wife to shop somewhere less costly, like IKEA, instead. A source tells Life & Style Weekly:

The queen is famously careful about not being flashy. But thanks to Kate the estate now boasts new roof tiles, $800,000 in fresh landscaping and a sitting room. The duchess also shopped around for new fireplaces and William’s grandma isn’t happy. She’s shocked about Kate’s overspending. She thinks it doesn’t make Kate or the royals look good to be splashing out millions on redecoration.

Instead of criticizing her, the Queen should be grateful that Middleton is overseeing the renovations and, if anything, adding value to their property. It's a smart move that will benefit not only Middleton's family, but the Royals as well. Plus, it’s not like Middleton has been going nuts these days with the royal bank account. In fact, it’s been the opposite, as she’s proven herself to be quite thrifty by shopping at places like H&M and Zara, and recycling her looks for different events. 

Plus, it was reported earlier this year that the British Royal Family was down to their last million in the bank, with many of their palaces in “dangerous or deteriorating” conditions. Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the family have been spending more than they're bringing in on items such as luxurious dinners and vacations, antiques, and self-portraits. And we all know the Royal Family is not going to JC Penney’s portrait studios to get their holiday pics done, if you know what I mean.

If anything, the Queen might want to take Kate Middleton's lead when it comes to sensible spending. Hey, I hear Talbots is having a sale!

Do you think Kate Middleton is going too far with her renovations or is Queen Elizabeth just being too critical?

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