'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kourtney's Reason for Spoiling Scott Disick Is Pretty Sweet

keeping up with the kardashians Tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian very nearly allowed Scott Disick to have a helipad installed in their backyard. It didn't stop there -- you can't have a helipad and no helicopter to land upon it. Scott planned on doing just that, getting one chopper and launching what he called "LD Air." You know, Lord Disick. Sigh. 

Clearly this was no different than any of Scott's other half-brained notions (i.e., that time Scott BECAME Lord Disick). Kourtney's always been really balanced when it comes to Scott and his schemes. She laughs and teases and sweetly talks him away from the truly insane. But this week, she stayed mum. In fact, she pretty much supported the idea that Scott get the airplane. Her reasons for acting so out of character were super-touching and impacted people other than just her and Scott. 


Kourtney didn't want to shatter Scott's dreams because it was so clear he needed something exciting and silly to focus on in the wake of coming to grips with the tragic deaths of both his parents. Kourtney knew better than to pee on his parade when the plans for his new life in aviation were one of the only things making him seem happy. But of course, there was a little bit more to it than just that.

Kris Jenner was all up in Kourtney's business (shocking, I know), demanding that Kourtney get Scott in line and that she crush his crazy plane dreams immediately. Kourtney walloped one hell of an emotional punch. She told Kris she didn't want to be like her: So controlling that it ended her relationship. Ouch!

In the end, Scott did what we all knew he was going to do: Give up the scheme and build something for the family instead. Kourtney was smart and kind and so sweet to give her hubby that space he needed to get there on his own. Her words also impacted Kris, causing her to check in with Bruce Jenner. They seem to be on much better terms these days, and their frank talk about Kris's control issues seemed well overdue.

Do you think Kris and Bruce will ever get back together?


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