Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' Special Reveals the Real Reason For Her Hospitalization

Miley Cyrus Whoa Nelly. Miley Cyrus in tears? I don't know about you, but that's not the first thing I expected when I tuned into her 2-hour 'Bangerz' special on NBC. But that (in addition to some high-powered theatrics) and a confession about her time in the hospital is exactly what we got. Miley totally opened up about the events that led to her spending some time in the hospital, and it wasn't what anyone expected. Yikes!

So why the massive crash? She didn't wind up melting down because she ran out of high-cut leotards nor did she weep because she pulled a muscle in her tongue rendering it useless. No, no -- Miley was crying about her dearly departed dog Floyd. Again. Don't get me wrong, losing a pet is a hard, hard thing -- I've been through it, and it's miserable. But I don't think it warrants a T.V. confessional AND A GIANT STUFFED VERSION OF YOUR DEAD DOG TAKING CENTER STAGE! AH! 


I feel like I'm being too hard on Miley, especially given how open she was talking about her feelings during this special. I was nice to get this glimpse of Miley's life. In fact, for a rock star on the road with the sort of reputation she has for off-the-chain insanity, her adventures seemed pretty tame and fun-loving, if not for everyone.

Miley Cyrus

But that stuff celebrating Floyd was just over the top. It would be one thing to quietly dedicate a track to her poor pup, but with this sort of over-the-top display is it any wonder that Miley had to be literally hospitalized because of grief?! I know everyone processes stuff differently, but it seems like Miley is dwelling in the sad memories of the past and not moving forward. It made her sick before, couldn't it do so again?

Do you think Miley needs help with her grief?


Images via Instagram/NBC

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