It's Official! Taylor Swift Has the Coolest Celebrity Friends (PHOTOS)

taylor swift jaime kingThis past week we were able to enjoy a lovely video featuring Taylor Swift and her pal Jaime King playing in the pool with a dolphin and a turtle floatie. This is how the beautiful people hang out. They make slo-mo videos and everyone looks perfect and adorable and it makes you want to be BFFs. But Taylor went and one-upped herself and has shared a photo of her hanging out with not one, not two, not five, but nine incredible girl friends.

We're talking A-listers. It girls. The darling of the moment Emma Stone was there hanging out with Taylor at her party. And you'll never guess who else.


Packed in to Taylor's Rhode Island home was of course Jaime King, Emma Stone, and Lena Dunham, singer Ingrid Michaelson, and Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl. Now that's a party!

Oh Lena with the middle finger. I just love this "family portrait." They made apple pie. Played on a slip n slide. Lit sparklers. And went swimming in the ocean.

Seemed like the perfect holiday get-together!

What do you think of Taylor and her celebrity friends? Were you surprised to see this group gathered?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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