Taylor Swift & Jaime King Show How to Have Best Pool Party Ever (VIDEO)

taylor swift jaime kingThere are plenty of pool parties happening this weekend. I imagine many of them include coolers of cold beverages, the grill all fired up, the scent of sunscreen in the air, and inflatable rafts. But one pool party includes the latter along with Taylor Swift and Jaime King. Oh to be invited to that pool party!

Because Taylor is clearly besties with the beautiful people, she and King took to their floaties and made a hilarious video of the two of them jumping in the pool -- Jaime on a dolphin; Taylor on an angry looking turtle.


I'm always a fan of the slo-mo to make something even more funny. King posted the video to her Instagram. It was filmed by her husband Kyle Newman. She wrote:

There is only ONE ninja turtle in town and that is @taylorswift! Vid cred @kyle_newman.

I really didn't think Taylor could out-do herself with her makeup free photo of herself with a new cuddly kitten. But this ... well, who doesn't love two people seriously enjoying themselves while on inflatable toys in slow motion. 

What do you think of Taylor and Jaime's pool fun?

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