Khloe Kardashian's Boyfriend May Be Even Worse Than We Suspected

Khloe Kardashian may be ecstatic with all of the expensive birthday gifts boyfriend French Montana lavished on her -- including a white Jeep and a diamond ring. But at least one person is furious about it. French's wife (oops, yes, folks, he's still married -- but so is she!), Deen Kharbouch, is apparently livid that French is dropping cash to the tune of $100,000 on his new girlfriend while supposedly ignoring his own 4-year-old son.


A source told RadarOnline that French has "abandoned" his toddler son, Kruz, while he glams about with Khloe. As for that white Jeep:

French has purchased a vehicle for someone who doesn’t need it. But he’s insisted that he would not pay for his child to go to school!

Additionally, the source claims that French is hardly the blinged-out playa he's pretending to be:

He’s [not just] blowing his money [but] his wife’s money too! He’s not a millionaire. That’s what he does. He makes other people think he’s on top. He’s a con man. And if the Kardashians are falling for that, that’s his m.o.

The insider also claims he hasn't seen his son in months, not even calling or visiting on Father's Day. He also reportedly blew off his son's "graduation" (for pre-school) despite attending Khloe's birthday bash. The source also claims that French has never even bought Kruz one toy since he got famous -- while he splurges on Khloe.

Well, if any of this is true, it's pretty shameful. You don't abandon your kid for a new lover. And you have to wonder what Khloe is thinking -- why would any woman date a man who is ignoring his own son? The "source" (Deen herself? Unclear) also takes a dig at the Kardashians:

I guess only the Kardashians deserve to have two-parent households. They preach 'family first,' but support a man that abandoned his wife and child completely. They enable him in doing so ... The irony is Khloe was the first to oppose her best friend Mallika's relationship with a married man on her show.

Well, this "source" does make some good points.

Of course, this is only one side of the story, so who knows. But it doesn't sound good.

Do you think French is bad news?


Image via Blayze/Splash News

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