Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Cheating Scandal: What Happened?

Kendra WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been eerily silent as rumors swirl that their marriage is in big trouble after Hank was caught cheating with a transsexual model while Kendra was eight months pregnant. So I guess it's up to us to figure out what the heck is going on here!

Reportedly, Hank was kicked out of the house for about a week but is back living there now as the two try to decide what to do. While it might seem simple -- kick the pig out -- the reality is that they have children together, and Kendra just gave birth to baby Alijah last month. Hardly an auspicious time to get a divorce.


Hank reportedly got together with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London in April. Supposedly the two spent some time together at her apartment and then Hank paid her $500. But apparently after getting scared that the media was onto things, Hank paid her $2,000 and later promised her $5,000, the same amount a tabloid was offering her to tell her story.

While all of this might seem too bizarre to be true, London reportedly has "proof" it all happened in the form of a lie detector test that "proved" she was telling the truth, as well as a recorded phone call between her and someone who sounds like Hank and answers to the name "Hank."

Plus, Hank and Kendra haven't bothered to deny anything.

Rumor has it that after Kendra heard the rumors, she laughed them off, but then became suspicious when Hank didn't try to clear his name in the press. She supposedly began snooping around and discovered something -- either a credit card charge or a bank withdrawal, depending on which account you want to believe -- that made her go ballistic.

She reportedly punched holes in walls, tossed her wedding photos in the pool, and threw her wedding ring down the toilet. She has since been photographed without the ring, though a source says she still has it.

Kendra's estranged mom, Patti, also rushed to Kendra's side to help take care of her kids. Despite their combative history, Kendra must have felt like she needed mom's support.

Hank had been spotted checking into a hotel a couple of weeks ago, but since then he's apparently moved back in. A source told US Weekly:

They have two kids together, and he needs to help out.

And apparently it was a "one-time" thing -- though can Kendra really be sure of that?!

At least one rumor says that Kendra and Hank have an open marriage, and some dilly-dallying is fine as long as it's not done secretly -- and that Kendra was really pissed about the tryst getting out in the public, not the actual tryst itself. Hard to believe, given Kendra's supposed behavior.

Despite all this, Kendra has been seen out since the story broke -- and she's looking healthy and happy. A source says:

Her kids are her number one priority. She's doing what she needs to do. She's a tough girl.

Indeed she is. If these rumors are true, it is definitely one of the most shocking betrayals we've heard in awhile. Everyone is trying to act like it makes no difference that the woman in question was transsexual, but of course it does! I'm not saying it's better or worse, cheating is cheating, but to act like it's the exact same thing is ridiculous. It's not.

Additionally, to be cheated on while pregnant adds another layer of hurt and betrayal. Seriously, read Heartburn.

Kendra's brother, Colin, has spoken out and said that Kendra believes the rumors. And so does he:

I could see him cheating on Kendra ... Me being around him for so long, I could probably see him doing something like that. I wouldn’t have guessed a tranny, though.


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Never a good sign when your brother says he could "probably see" your husband cheating. Friends also are worried all of this emotional trauma will send her into postpartum depression.

Anyway, sources say that Kendra is in "shock" right now and just trying to care for her newborn. Divorce might be on the table, but it sounds like she's not making any rash decisions.

What do you think she should do?

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