Lindsay Lohan Sues Video Game Maker: Could These Celebs Follow Suit?

lindsay-lohanLooks like Lindsay Lohan sees so much of herself in a virtual ditzy blonde Hollywood starlet that she's ready to go in front of a judge voluntarily.

In December, TMZ broke the news that team Lindsay Lohan was preparing to sue Grand Theft Auto V for creating a character named Lacey Jonas that the actress felt was too much like her. But without papers filed, people dismissed it as a rumor.

But according to the Independent, Lindsay has just officially filed against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games in a New York court.

So the question is: Does she have a chance in Helly-wood of winning this case? And if so, what other celebrities might sue a video game saying they stole their likeness? Read on for five celebs that might make that legal dive.


OK so here's the deal -- Lindsay Lohan does look a heck of a lot like the GTA V character Lacey Jonas. But, then again, so do 79 percent of the actresses in California.

Then there's the fact that in the game, the character tries to run from the paparazzi and says things like, "How's my hair? Do I look cute?" and "Don't hurt them; I don't need any more lawsuits!" But that? Well it doesn't make a Lohan to me. Plus even if it kinda is her? Parody is something that's allowed under the law, so she probably cannot win this case.

Still, there's the infinitesimal chance she could win, and if she did -- what other actors might try and make bank by shaking the trees of interactive companies? Here are my top picks:

1. Sonic the Hedgehog -- Robin Williams

Sonic has been around a long time, but not as long as legendary fast-paced comedian Robin Williams who just entered rehab again at the age of 62. Williams has been open about his former addiction to cocaine, and anyone who saw his early comedy specials where he's running around like a crazy person ... well, paint him blue and you've got the hedgehog. Dude might have a solid case.

2. Ryu Hayabusa -- Tom Cruise

OK so Hayabusa is the ultimate ninja and Cruise was The Last Samurai. Actually the character of Hayabusa existed before Cruise became a samurai, but the guy has an ego and maybe he'd say they lifted his character from Legend. Worth a legal shot, at least.

3. Super Mario -- Jack Black

When Jack Black has a mustache, at least. They are both roly poly and lovable and what the heck -- Black might be able to say they jacked his Jack.

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4. Lara Croft -- Angelina Jolie

Sure Jolie got to play Croft in Tomb Raider, but maybe if this actors-suing-video-games thing takes off, she can make some bank with this claim.

5. Donkey Kong -- Every character actor ever

It's sort of odd, but yes, nearly every male character actor ever resembles Donkey Kong, the barrel-flinging ape. This is because men in films who are not the romantic lead can and do look like large primates. So, go crazy obscure SAG guys, start your lawyers' engines!

What do you think? Does Lohan have a case? And are there other actors who seem way too much like someone you've seen on your Xbox?


Image via lindsaylohan/Instagram

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