Ashley Hebert Shows Off Growing Baby Bump But Still Has a Long Way to Go

Ashley HebertIt's another Bachelorette giant baby bump! And believe it or not, Ashley Hebert still has another 15 weeks to go to cook this little one. She posted the most adorable profile picture on Instagram recently, and she definitely has the enviable pregnant basketball belly.

J.P. Rosenbaum's wife looks absolutely darling, even if we're all left wondering where the heck baby is going to go for the next several months of her pregnancy since she's already showing so much -- they aren't even due until October!


Ash is only 25 weeks pregnant here, with the caption, "Baby Vogue Pose. #25weeks #babyr." Good golly, she already looks closer to seven or eight months than just six!

Could she possibly be any cuter in her maxi dress? I know it's folklore, but maybe there's a reason Ashley is all baby here. Some people believe that mamas who carry all out front are going to have boys, and we already have a son confirmed for Ashley and J.P.

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When the couple found out the sex, Ashley happily told PEOPLE magazine, "I'm gonna be living with two J.P.s!" She added, "My dad already called dibs on his first baseball mitt."

Awww! We couldn't be happier for them ... and we're looking forward to many more baby bump pics in the coming months. I mean, where the heck is she going to put it?

How pregnant do you think Ashley looks here?


Image via Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum/Instagram

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