Kendall Jenner’s Rude Behavior Slammed By Another Famous Mom

Kendall jennerNot in Jada's house! That's the message that Jada Pinkett Smith reportedly gave Kendall Jenner when Kendall was rude to the staff. According to Star magazine, Mrs. Will Smith was none too pleased when Kendall, who is pals with the Smith kids, was over at their house and didn't show respect to their housekeeper.


Says the source:

Jada took an instant dislike to Kendall; she’s got a rude mouth on her. The way she spoke to Jada’s housekeeper was atrocious and arrogant. [Kendall] rolled her eyes and huffed like the maid was stupid when she asked if Kendall wanted sweetener for her iced tea!

Hmm, given that the "source" would have to have actually seen this (doesn't sound like something anyone would bother to gossip about), that leaves Kendall, the maid, and Jada as the potential blabbers. Or maybe the housekeeper. So this tidbit seems a tad unlikely. But the source continued, saying that Jada was "raised by a single mom and doesn’t let that kind of snobbery go on under her roof."

Supposedly Jada then left it up to Jaden to tell Kylie to tell Kendall not to come play at Chez Smith anymore.

Something tells me if this was true, Jada would have had no problems telling Kendall herself. She doesn't seem the type who would go through her son.

But if this is true, then good for Jada. I doubt that Kendall is getting much parenting from Kris -- at least in terms of good manners -- and sometimes it's up to others to do what the parent won't.

I haven't seen much disrespectful behavior from Kendall on KUTWT, so if she did do this, maybe she was just having a bad day. After all, it IS pretty annoying when the help asks if you want sweetener! Harumph!

Do you think Jada had a right to tell Kendall not to come over anymore?


Image via KendallJenner/Instagram

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