Tori Spelling Is Staying With Dean McDermott for the Wrong Reasons

Tori SpellingIf Dean McDermott cheated because he wasn't getting enough sex from Tori Spelling (his lame excuse anyway), then it definitely backfired on him. Though the two are still working on their marriage and Tori has said things are "better" and they are headed in the "right direction," it seems that the direction Tori took was down the hallway and into another bedroom entirely. Or maybe she pointed Dean in that direction. Either way, it's rumored that months after Dean cheated, Tori is still not in forgiving mode, and the two are sleeping in separate bedrooms.


A source told RadarOnline:

Tori is simply asserting her independence from Dean, and the cheating scandal. She really did find her own voice in the aftermath of his infidelity and doing the reality show ... They still aren’t sleeping in the same bedroom.

Anyone who watched True Tori won't be shocked by this, given that Tori would often let the kids sleep in the bed with her while Dean was relegated to the kids' rooms. It was a bone of contention between the pair. Given that Dean's chief complaint about the marriage was that the two weren't having enough sex -- it seems like Tori isn't about to start going out of her way to please him in that department. And who can blame her? Despite Dean's whining that the two never had sex, it was revealed on True Tori that they were having plenty -- Tori even agreeing to do some kinky things the weekend before Dean left for Toronto, where he ended up straying.

Tori probably figures sex didn't stop him from cheating, so why give him what he wants now? It won't stop him now either -- in fact, she seems to have given up trying to keep tabs on him at all. The source says:

She isn’t even bothering to go through Dean’s cellphone for text messages, or make sure she knows where he is 24/7.

Sounds like a woman who has given up thinking she can control another human being and has decided to live her own life. Good for her. After all, if someone wants to cheat, no amount of hovering over his cellphone is going to stop it.

She also sounds like she isn't trying to make the marriage work no matter what anymore. The source added:

If the marriage works out with Dean, it will, but Tori knows if it ends, she will survive it.

That's a pretty healthy attitude. Tori needs to stop worrying about Dean and work on herself. There's nothing she can do for him anyway. She tried everything already.

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If Tori is in the marriage solely for them, and not for herself, then she needs to rethink her decision, for the kids. To stay or leave a marriage is a very difficult decision that each spouse needs to make for herself or himself; however, at the end of the day, children want to see their parents happy, fulfilled, and flourishing. They do not want to see them miserable, and kids are good at detecting fakers.

Do you think they should stay together?


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