Robin Thicke Can't Keep Story About Him & Paula Patton Straight (VIDEO)

Robin ThickeDoes Robin Thicke even listen to the words that come out of his mouth? It's like he knows what he's supposed to say, to be the good, contrite ex-husband who is desperate to win his wife back, but he's sure as heck not acting like it.

He's acting like a delusional, double-talking blockhead, whose woe-is-me tribute album to his doomed marriage probably has his ex-wife Paula Patton rolling her eyes. Take, for example, an interview he did with New York's Hot 97 radio station Tuesday. For nearly 20 minutes, the "Get Her Back" singer talked about the state of his failed marriage, including how he prefers to keep things "private."


Dude won't shut up about how much he wants her back, writes an entire album dedicated to her, and then has the audacity to say he prefers to keep things private? Gah.

I try to keep most of that private, but, I haven't seen her for four months. If you’ve been together that long, you kinda became adults together instead of being adults and then meeting. But maybe a year or two off, we’ll become our own people without each other and then it will be meant to be.

I hate to break it to Mr. Thicke, but if your wife doesn't speak to you for four months after more than 20 years by your side ... she's done. She's done and likely has been for some time now.

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Anyway, Mr. Privacy talked about his studio album Paula, which dropped last week. It contains tracks with sentimental heartsick names like "Love Can Grow Back," "Too Little Too Late," and "Still Madly Crazy." (Gag me.) He said, "The album is exactly what happens when you lose the love of your life and you're trying to figure it out in your head."

He continued:

How am I going to move on and get through it all? We just weren't happy together anymore and I still had so much I wanted to apologize for, and things I wanted to take responsibility for, so that's pretty much what the album's about.

My music is my therapy ... when I make these songs and I listen back to them, they make me feel good about myself because at least I'm admitting my faults and trying to become a better man, better person, better father.

So wait, did he write the album for Paula, or because it's "therapy" that helped him feel better about himself? And he's not admitting his faults -- he's acting like a sad sorry sack who's patiently waiting for his wife to come back while bemoaning the pain she's caused him, even though he knows he didn't treat her right.

Try to wrap your brain around those blurred lines.

The singer does not seem to understand that his wife left him and she's not coming back. "[Cheating] is not why we're apart," he said. "We're apart because we just couldn't be together anymore for a while. There's a hundred different reasons, there isn't just one. There's a long list ... I changed, and I got a little too selfish, a little too greedy, and little too full of myself."

He and Lamar Odom should join a support group for ex-husbands who completely don't get it when their wives finally snap from years of their selfish ass-hattery.

Do you think Robin Thicke needs to let go of Paula Patton?


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