Kim Kardashian Nearly Flashes Her Undies in Daring Wrap Dress (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Gah. Even when she goes out on a limb and covers herself up for a change, she still risks exposing her body parts to the masses. While visiting a fair in the Hamptons last night with the fam, Kim Kardashian's blue wrap dress proved to be a bit of a challenge to keep in place, as she was forced to keep a hand on the front of it to avoid flashing her underwear. (That's assuming she didn't go commando for the outing.)

You'd think that since she was going to be getting on rides, she would've opted for something a bit more practical ... (like pants, maybe?). But I guess taking the night's activities into consideration before getting dressed is pretty out of character for Kim.

Oh -- and wait until you get a load of her heels.


Kim Kardashian

Damn. She's lucky she didn't break an ankle in those things.

And I guess we have to mention that while this is one of Kim's more conservative looks to date, her cleavage is peeking out of the top of the dress a little. Apparently she can't let a day go by without reminding us that her boobs are fab.

I must say, I really do like this dress on her -- but she should probably save the wrap style for when she's planning on staying indoors. Or at least she should refrain from wearing stuff like this if there's any hint of a breeze outside.

Do you like Kim's dress?


Image via Andrew Rocke/Splash News

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