Trista Sutter Disses 'The Bachelorette' for a Very Good Reason

Trista Sutter, Ryan SutterThe OG Bachelorette Trista Sutter recently stopped by the Us Weekly offices to do a little video chat and dish on what she thinks has changed on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette over the 10-plus years since she's been on. Oh my gosh, can you believe that show's been around for over a decade? Who else officially feels old?

Anyway, Trista let loose on what she thinks some of the biggest changes have been since she debuted as a contestant on the very first season of the The Bachelor back in 2002. One of the biggest observations? She thinks the show was a lot "more innocent" back then.


"I kissed three guys," she mused. "And I think that the kisses are a little more plentiful [now]. It was a little more innocent when Ryan and I were on."

I can't help but think that comment is directed at the current Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. Hey Andi, you hear that? You can calm it down with the tonsil hockey. You do realize all of America is watching, right?

The 41-year-old met the love of her life, Ryan Sutter, when she became the first official Bachelorette and handed him the final rose. They now have two children and still seem smitten. Trista said she still watches the show, in part because of how much it reminds her of how she met her wonderful man.

Even if she does admit to a little bit of jealousy. "They get to go on much better trips!" she laughed. "I went to Seattle and Cabo and Sedona. And now [they're] going to Marseille and Paris and Venice ... They travel the world ... can you tell that I'm just a little jealous?"

Dang, I'm jealous just watching the show! Well, fabulous trips and a plethora of kisses or not, it seems like the Bachelor thing worked out in Trista's favor.


Do you think The Bachelor was more innocent when it started than it is now?

Image via Trista Sutter/Instagram

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