Justin Bieber's Naked Picture Will Break Selena's Heart Again (PHOTO)

Justin BieberI had this dream last night that Justin Bieber and I were lying in bed, doing the nasty, and I glanced up, and this is what I saw. Yep, he looked exactly like that. Slightly bewildered, like, "How'd you get down there?" And I was all, "How'd you get up there? And is this illegal? Where's your driver's license?" And then I thought of Selena, and I was all, "Oh god, Selena will be crushed! Again!" And Biebs was all, "Sshh, old lady. Calm down. She doesn't have to know." And I was all, "But you just posted this to your social media account!" And then thank god I woke up. All sweaty. And strangely serene. Sigh.


Anyway, this is the photo I'm yammering on about:

Errrrrm, yeah, that happened.

Wasn't it about a hot second ago that we heard that Bieber had reunited with true love Selena Gomez and the two were attending potluck dinners at church? What happened to that?

I don't know about you, but if my boyfriend posted this to the world, I'd be pissed. Do you know how many young women are going to sleeping with this photo on their iPads, poised over their heads? Not to mention me too?

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Justin, if you want your girlfriend to stick around, this isn't the way to do it. Or maybe it is. She seems to put up with a lot and is irresistibly drawn to JB's bad boy ways.

Justin's photo just reeks of attention grabbing. And you know what? It's got my attention. Excuse me while I check into rehab for a few.

Do you like this photo? Don't lie.


Images via Justin Bieber/Shots and Justin Bieber/Shots

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