Kate Middleton Is Failing as a Royal in One Very Important Way

Kate Middleton has been Royal for three years now, but you'd think she just started the job yesterday. The reason? She's lacking in one very important area when it comes to her official duties. While she's created a lot of buzz with her style, the royal birth last year, and the trips she takes with Prince William, you really don't hear much about her passions, her causes, or her efforts to make a world a better place.

But when it comes to being the next great princess, the Duchess might want to take a cue from the late Princess Diana.


While Lady Di's charitable work was well-documented in the media, it seems as though Kate Middleton’s causes are taking a back seat to more frivolous headlines. But this isn't totally her fault, of course, as her fans are the ones causing mass hysteria over her latest Jenny Packham dresses. Still, it's more like "much ado about nothing" when it comes to the Duchess and her charities.

Most recently, Middleton visited the Blessed Sacrament School in north London to meet with project coordinators and teachers before joining in on a private counseling session. But do we know what her opinions are on the matter? Not really. For some though, it seems like Middleton isn’t putting much effort into her charity work. Rarely do we hear her speak about it, and when she does, it usually takes a back seat to her “What She Wore” headlines. In comparison, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Princess Diana was extremely passionate about her causes. She spoke volumes when it came to AIDS awareness, and even though Diana could have quit her charitable work after she divorced Prince Charles, she embraced them further with a renewed passion.

Princess Diana’s support for AIDS victims and sufferers along with speeches about anti-landmine awareness was one of the greatest legacies she left behind. I mean, there’s a good reason why she was named the “Princess of Hearts,” right? So far, Kate Middleton isn’t convincing us that she’s doing any of the same. Girlfriend needs to step up her game, big time.

Do you think Kate Middleton needs to work on better convincing us that she's passionate about her charitable causes?

Image via Chris Jackson/Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Parade: Trooping The Colour/Getty Images

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