Pippa Middleton Makes Surprising Comments About Prince George (VIDEO)

Pippa Middleton

After seeing the first part of Pippa Middleton's TV interview on Today yesterday, we definitely realized what a sweet, genuine person she is. It's even more evident now that the second part of her chat with Matt Lauer has aired.

And while hearing about the royal wedding and how amazed she was that her bum received so much attention was pretty interesting, just wait until you hear what Pippa had to say about her famous royal nephew, Prince George.

Her comments are a bit unexpected!


Aww! Didn't you love how Pippa's face totally lit up the minute Matt asked about Georgie-Porgie?

And while it's not exactly a huge shocker that she had nothing but wonderful things to say about him, it is quite surprising how normal her relationship with him seems. Considering how busy Kate Middleton and Prince William's schedules are, it's tough to picture them spending a few hours with their less royal family members, let alone entire weekends, as Pippa indicated.

I mean, something tells me she can't simply pop on over to Kensington Palace anytime she feels like it to give her little nephew a snuggle. It speaks volumes about her relationship with Kate that things are still somewhat like they were before she became ... the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Middletons really do seem like such a close-knit family despite the royal connection. It's so refreshing, considering how caught up they could all get in the pomp and circumstance.

I know this was Pippa's first time on camera, but let's hope it isn't her last. Maybe if we're lucky, those rumors about NBC offering her a special correspondent's job will turn out to be true. (One can hope.)

Are you surprised that Pippa has such a normal relationship with Prince George?


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