Kelly Osbourne's New Tattoo Is in the Craziest Place Imaginable (PHOTO)

Does Kelly Osbourne enjoy experiencing extreme pain? The 29-year-old Fashion Police host got yet another tattoo this past weekend, but it's in one of the strangest places most of us have probably ever seen.

I'll give you a hint: it's not in a "sexy" spot and it's not in an area that will allow for it to be visible at all times.

Give up?


Ozzy and Sharon's baby girl got a tat of the word "Stories ..." inked in old-style typewriter font, on the side of her HEAD. Like, on her SCALP. Check it out:

Kelly posted this photo on Instagram with the message, "Thank you @dr_woo_ssc it's magic what you can do! @shamrocksocialclub."

She also shared this picture, which gives you some idea of what it looks like to actually have to sit still for this body art:

I've got to admit that I respect her for doing something different and it looks pretty interesting against the backdrop of her shaved lilac head.

But what's the significance, I wonder? Is she trying to simply say she has stories in her head? That she's always thinking about something?

Let's hope she was thinking when she got this tattoo because the woman is the first to admit she has had big tat regrets. A few years ago, Kelly had a tattoo of a keyboard removed from her arm and explained that she was "miserable" at the time that she got a bunch of tattoos and that she doesn't even know how to play the piano, so that particular piece seemed silly to her.

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Eh, it happens. And at least with this tattoo, she can easily hide it by growing her hair out if (or I should say, when) she gets tired of it. That is, if the tattoo doesn't prevent hair from growing in this spot? Uh oh. Please shed some light on that question if you happen to know the answer!

Are you a fan of Kelly's new head tattoo?


Images via Kelly Osbourne/Instagram


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