Mark Ruffalo Blames Ben Affleck for Ruining Friendship With Jennifer Garner

mark ruffaloFile this one under what I never ever expected to happen: Some words (or maybe it was really his silence) by Mark Ruffalo regarding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Ruffalo seems like a peace-loving hippie type who cares about the environment and is into the progress of renewable energy. He's a dad of three and a husband. Look! He even flashes peace signs at the paparazzi! But Mark went and shocked us all when asked about his friendship with former co-star Jennifer Garner.

Ruffalo said that he and Garner were friends (they also so famously played friends turned lovers in the movie 13 Going On 30) but once she got together with Affleck, that friendship was done.


This gives me some theories on why.

1. Ben Affleck was jealous and doesn't let Jen have male friends.

2. Ben Affleck dislikes Mark Ruffalo.

3. Jen was in love with Mark.

4. Jen talked about Mark one too many times and it drove Ben bonkers.

5. Jen doesn't care about her friendship with Mark.

6. Mark is joking.

Hmmm ... there have been rumors that Ben and Jen's marriage is on the rocks. Not that I believe a lick of them. This whole thing was revealed when Mark was on Watch What Happens Live and a fan asked if he kept in touch with Garner. To which, he responded:

We had a great time together, and I think we would, but then Ben [Affleck] came on the scene and that was the end of that.

Whoa. I'm going to stick up for Jen here and say that sometimes these kinds of things happen when you first get together with someone. You start spending more and more time with that person and sometimes friendships get neglected. Usually once the new relationship haze fades, those friendships pick up where they left off and soon everyone's having dinner parties together. Clearly that didn't happen here.

When the host of the show, Andy Cohen, chimed in, "I heard he doesn't allow her to have male friends," then added "I made that up!" to save his hide. Ruffalo did something very curious. He shrugged, and said he was sad about it.

Ruffalo has been married to actress Sunrise Coigney since 2000 -- 13 Going On 30 came out in 2004. So I doubt anything funky was going on there. You know, purely just actors kissing on screen not off. Hollyweird. So I'm going to go with these John Lennon lyrics to guess what happened. Just imagine Ben singing it ...

I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore
I was shivering inside
... I'm just a jealous guy.

What do you think? Does Ben seem like the jealous type? Is Mark making a big deal out of nothing?


Image via NIGNY/Splash

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