Kim Kardashian Posts Embarassing Photo of Khloe for Her Birthday

Khloe KardashianIn honor of her little sister Khloe's birthday, Kim Kardashian didn't go and buy her a Jeep (and gold grillz) like boyfriend French Montana did. Instead she posted some photos of Khloe on her Instagram. Makes sense since one of the world's most famous families does exactly this type of thing. It's like the new birthday card.

This photo (left) is one of them. Hot damn. I'll guess that Khloe is pleased. She looks amazing, like she's having fun -- it has all the elements of a perfect Instagram pic. But I cannot help but feel this is to distract from the photo Kim posted of Khloe shortly before adding this one. This other pic ... well, embarrassing!


Taking it way back to the days before rap stars and selfies! Kim writes: "KoKo!!! My baby sister!!! Happy 30th Birthday! I love you so much! I love seeing you so happy! You are the strongest person I know(literally & figuratively) !!!! LOL"

That hair!! How did Kim come out of that era sort of unscathed and Khloe has what basically looks like a huge mop on her head? I can hear it now ... Khloe says to Kim Why did you put that ugly picture of me up? You look perfect and there I am with a poodle explosion and doily on my shoulder. To which, Kim replies, "Oh KoKo. You are so cute. Here. Let me put up that HOT bathing suit pic of you next."

Good idea!

What do you think of Kim's flashback pic followed by the sexy bathing suit pic? Do you post pics like these?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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