Amy Adams Trades First-Class Seat With U.S. Soldier Flying Coach

Amy AdamsIs there anything not to love about Amy Adams? Seriously, in addition to being mega-talented and gorgeous to boot, the girl seems to have an infectious happiness and kind spirit too. Now let's add not just generosity, but also American pride to the list, because her latest gesture is heart-warmingly wonderful.

The Oscar-nominated actress was on a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles on Friday when she opted to give up her first-class seat to a serviceman who was on the same flight. Jemele Hill, who is a co-host on ESPN's Numbers Never Lie and was also in the first class cabin, went to Twitter to spread the news about Adams' thoughtful gesture.


Hill also spoke with via email and said, "When we were waiting to board, I saw her glance the soldier's way and then she said something to the person she was traveling with ... Once we boarded, I saw she was in first class. I was upgraded to first class and she was a couple rows behind me. I think she must have said something to the flight attendant, because before we took off she had vacated her seat and the flight attendant brought the soldier to her seat."

Awwww! Hill continued, "I just thought it was incredibly classy and thoughtful ... I already was a fan of hers, but now I'm a bigger one after today."

That is so awesome, especially considering that Adams didn't just upgrade the guy or give him her seat and take another flight -- she reportedly traded seats with him! Flying coach these days isn't exactly much fun, but she parked in the back of the plane -- undoubtedly making the trip a lot more fun for those people too.

The actress may have a soft spot for the military thanks to growing up on a base in Colorado, but there was no reason she had to switch seats with this soldier. She totally went above and beyond, and that is super cool.

Does this make you like Amy Adams even more?


Image via Gordon Correll/Flickr

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