Khloe Kardashian Gets Unexpected but Welcome Surprise From French Montana

Khloe Kardashian

Whoa. They might not be willing to publicly admit that they're a couple, but French Montana's birthday gift for Khloe Kardashian definitely speaks volumes about their relationship.

No ... he didn't put a ring on it or anything like that, so don't get too excited. (Remember, she's not even a divorced woman yet, people!)

But even though he didn't give her a nice new piece of bling, he did drop quite a bit of cash to show Khloe just how special he thinks she is.


You guys? He bought her a freakin' $49,000 Jeep. Yes, for reals.

Check it out.

Khloe Kardashian Jeep

Damn. Not too shabby. Guess residents of the Hamptons should expect that thing to pass them a time or two this summer.

Ok, let's get back to French giving Khloe something this amazeballs and what it means. Even though he can probably afford something like this without losing any sleep at night, it's still not the type of gift you give someone if you aren't super serious about them. He has to be in love with her, right?

Or if he's not head-over-heels just yet, then he at least expects her to be in his life for a long period of time -- otherwise he would've bought her a tennis bracelet and called it a day.

Although ... there's also a chance that he figured giving her a gift this big might make her forget about the claims that he's been unfaithful to her. Let's hope that's not the case, because Khloe has way too much self-respect to let a dude buy her affection like that.

Do you think this gift proves French has real feelings for Khloe?


Images via khloekardashian/Instagram; 24/7PapsTV/Splash News

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